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Experience the benefits of Sekhem

Sekhem is a complete energy healing system that derives from the temples of ancient Egypt. Goddess Sekhmet is associated to this energy as a guardian. The Sekhem energy comes to us via the star system Sirius and Orion.

Sekhem energy is described as being very gentle, yet ultra powerful in what it delivers to the individual. The energy has a clarity and purity that facilitates empowerment, inspiration, creativity and a joyful thirst for living. It assists you to take responsibility for your life, to heal, to grow both personally and spiritually, so you become more of who you really are. Changes happen gradually bringing knowledge and certainty of the rightness of new ways of thinking, for the energy does not work on symptoms but on the very deep underlying cause.

More than words can capture, it is something to be experienced. 

Individual Sekhem sessions

Duration: 1.5 h  |  Fee: 1,500THB

For Sekhem treatments you lie down for one hour with eyes closed and allow the energy to do its work. You are encouraged to close your eyes, have an open mind and let go.

Sekhem works very well with intentions and you will be asked if there is anything in particular you want to work on.

A few minutes before and after the session will be allocated to answer questions and comment on the session. 

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If you are not in Chiang mai, feel free to book a distance Reiki session. There is no time and space when it comes to energy and this sessions feel the same as when in person.

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Sekhem courses

Interested in learning Sekhem?

The courses are designed to provide individuals with an insight into how to access and use Sekhem energy for the purposes of self healing, healing of others, personal transformation, and personal development.

Each course takes two days. For upcoming workshops visit our Facebook page Healings with Carla or pick the dates to suit your schedule and have them confirmed by us.

Students get a handout, a certificate and an array of additional materials in soft copy.

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Sekhem level I is 6,400 THB, level II is 12,700, Advanced level 16,000, Master Practitioner 21,100 and Master Teacher 29,600. Before learning the Teacher level, students will be asked to write a statement.

Maximum number of students per course is 4. 


“Clients report the Sekhem energy to be intense, ‘stingy’ and cleansing and to work inside out.”

– Carla, Sekehm Master & Teacher​

What is Sekhem?

Sekhem is a form of hands on energy healing. It is ultimately the channeling of universal love.

Sekhem was taught as part of spiritual practices in the Temples of Ancient Egypt. The word Sekhem means ‘might’ or ‘authority’ – as the energy addresses “with authority” the issues in our life we most need to address so that we can grow in the direction of our soul path.

There is only one source of all energy but Sekhem comes to us via the star system Sirius and Orion. Sekhmet is the Goddess associated Sekhem. She is a Goddess with the head of a lion and the body of a woman, known as the Goddess of life, death and resurrection. Her role is to help us get ride of what no longer serves us, for our highest good, in the most loving way.

What to expect during a Sekhem session

Before a session, clients are invited to set an intention. During the healing, the energy will flow and work at emotional, mental, spiritual and physical levels to restore balance for a client’s utmost wellbeing.

Sekhem facilitates self-awareness, stress relief, overall well-being, releasing of unwanted patterns, finding inner peace and joy, enhancing clarity of mind, and igniting authentic self-expression. It also boosts confidence and supports the process of grief. Sekhem needs to be experienced to fully be appreciated.

It is also a totally safe treatment for easing discomfort pre- and post- surgery or following chemotherapy and radiation. Sekhem also works very well on young children.

Sessions in person or distance healing last 1 hour plus time for questions before and after.

"Sekhem rids of what needs to go so we can ultimately walk our soul path."

– Carla, Sekhem Master & Teacher​

What my clients & students say

Learn more about Sekhem

This is the most commonly asked question. Reiki is also universal love. It provides a very loving and compassionate healing. Sekhem is often described as having a more pulsating effect as the energy is channelled, also working at the cellular level which can help change old engrained thought patterns that no longer serve us. Sekhem rids of what needs to go so we can ultimately walk our soul path.

Watch an introduction into the practice of Sekhem by Helen Beltôt:

Brief History of Sekhem

There are many references to Sekhem as a hands-on healing system on the walls of the very early temples and pyramids. Scrolls found in these ruins, researched and translated by anthropologists, such as Wallis Budge, suggest this healing system pre-dates Reiki, even though the latter was the first to emerge in the West.
The word Sekhem itself means ‘might and power’ for it is related to, and acts directly on, the individual’s soul frequency. Mythologically, Sekhem was associated with Sekhmet, the lion-headed goddess of destruction and regeneration; one who destroys all that no longer serves us, so that we can build on a new foundation. Seen as the patroness of war and healing sciences, Sekhmet was the guardian of this energy and also protector against evil.
(Further evidence of her protective power came to light earlier this year when archaeologists unearthed 66 well-preserved statues of Sekhmet near Luxor that were buried to ward off evil from the temple of pharaoh Amenhotep III. It is also believed that 700 such statues once stood at this temple on the west bank of the Nile to protect it from danger.)[1]
Although historically associated with a goddess, Sekhem is not a religious energy but rather one of pure unconditional love that always works to one’s highest will and good. Because of this and the high frequency it vibrates at, the energy cannot be forced or imposed upon anyone.

Power of Sekhem

When receiving or working with Sekhem, the energy can support whatever changes you want to make within yourself – including breaking patterns that may be holding you back from moving forward and living a fuller life. It assists you to take responsibility for your development in every aspect of your life, be it at the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level of your being and gives you the strength and courage to make the changes, if you are ready and willing to work with it.
When it comes to issues of health, most physical conditions, as we know, are triggered by unresolved emotions and/or limiting thought and belief patterns. The high vibration of Sekhem can help shed light on these issues (which are often deep-set) by bringing them to your awareness so that you can deal with them with more clarity (if you are willing to act on your inner knowing and wisdom). Like intuition, Sekhem operates beyond time and space right down to the core of our belief systems at the soul level.
Although it is believed to be the origins of all hand-on healing systems, it wasn’t until the 1980s that Sekhem was re-introduced into modern times, to suit the conditions of life today, by Helen Belot, a qualified nurse working in the medical profession as an Occupational Health Therapist at the time. An Australian, with many past life recollections as a High Priestess and a life-long interest in energy and esoteric work, Helen has been quoted as saying that Sekhem is an on-going and developing system and not static or totally complete as yet and that the “the concept of Sekhem is based on the fundamental Laws of the Universe. As the mass consciousness rises and people have a greater understanding of these laws, the Sekhem energy will grow and remain in advance of the current thinking’’.[2] The energy also complements and assists with the ascension process mankind has been experiencing for some time now.

Sekhem Sessions

Every healing session is intention based and always set to the highest will and good of the client, so it is imperative that the client is comfortable with the formation of the intention when wanting to work through or overcome specific issues. This intention is repeated (both by the client and practitioner) at some point during the session.
Like all other channelled energies Sekhem comes from Source…but what gives it that very distinctive vibrational pattern is its travel via the Sirian star system from where it flows down through the practitioner right into the centre of the Earth and then back up again and out through the practitioner’s hands. As the energy is constantly circulated in this way, the practitioner’s own energy never gets depleted. In Sekhem the energy is called in a concentrated way, to ensure its purity.
The energy is then transferred on to the client through both physical and non-physical touch. and so covers all layers of the energy body in the process. The focus is very much on the energetic body as the Sekhem practice is all about tuning into the energy bodies for information and guidance and sensing what needs addressing at the emotional, mental, spiritual layers of the body to correct any imbalances there, that could also aid with any healing required in the physical body.
While channelling the energy, different practitioners pick up different things and in different ways. I sometimes receive messages for clients in the form of words or images. These messages either come from a loved one no longer in this world or from the client’s higher self (the all knowing self within all of us) to either help them understand their situation or confirm something that they need to know. Many times clients too have experiences during the session and some say they feel secure, comforted, relaxed… as it flows through them, sometimes quite powerfully.
I have seen this energy assist individuals in numerous ways, including learning to deal with painful childhood issues, cope better with people and situations, let go of pain and hurt, broaden their perspective and feel more inspired and motivated.


Are you ready to experience Sekhem?