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Benefits of Energy Healing


A warm welcome to Healings with Carla! Discover the different energies of Reiki, Sekhem and Siddha Kundalini, and experience the benefits of a private session or taking a course.

Releases stress & tension and helps you to find deep relaxation

Promotes balance and harmony between body, mind & soul

Dissolves energy blocks & assists emotional healing

What energy do you want to work with or learn – Reiki, Sekhem or Siddha Kundalini? See which energy you feel more attracted to. Most of my clients end up trying more than one. We work with all energies from a place of unconditional love, humility and compassion for the highest good of humanity in line with the wisdom of the universe.


Reiki is an ancient holistic energy healing technique from Japan working at physical, mental and emotional levels that involves the laying-on of hands. It works at physical, mental and emotional levels. Reiki promotes deep relaxation, accelerates the healing process after injury or illness and reduces pain, anxiety and depression. It brings well-being and completeness into your life.

Private sessions, distance healing and courses available.



Sekhem is also a form of hands on energy healing. While there is only one source of energy, Sekhem comes to us via the Orion and Sirius star systems.

Sekhem, having its origens in Atlantis and Lemuria, was taught as part of spiritual practices in the Temples of Ancient Egypt. The word Sekhem means ‘might’ or ‘authority’ – as the energy addresses “with authority” the issues in our life we most need to address so that we can grow in the direction of our soul path.

Private sessions, distance healing and courses available.


Siddha Kundalini

Siddha Kundalini is another form of energy healing but the laying-on of hands is not necessary.

It is a combination of ancient yogic and tantric practices from the Siddha tradition in India. The healing session focuses on the chakras and it includes using crystals and sacred geometric symbols that are arranged in a unique mandala specially for each session.

Private sessions and distance healing available.

Healings with Carla is right for you if...

  • want to grow & experience yourself in new ways
  • want to reduce stress & increase clarity
  • want to explore new ways on your spiritual journey
  • are looking for energy healing sessions to complement other treatment
  • want to get ride of unwanted thought patterns
  • are just curious and want to try out something new!

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Meet Carla


I want to spread energy healing as a tool for well being & support everyone who seeks to experience and learn this.

We wish for every individual to know their value, speak their true and love themselves; allow their environment, relationships and health to be a reflection of this; and live a fulfilling and inspiring life; making each a unique contribution to the world in harmony with everything that is.

Who are we? The energies I work with and myself, none of what I do would be possible without them.

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