Reiki and Sekhem Courses, What do YOU think? – Feedback from students (2018)

We really care about the quality of our Reiki and Sekhem courses and, therefore we systematically give our students the opportunity to tell us what they think.

After careful analysis, we have the pleasure of sharing the findings from the latest 40 feedback forms received.

A big thank you to our students for making this possible through their honest and insightful feedback. We didn’t know what we would find and this is so truly remarkable that we had to share it.

The teacher was…240 being the highest
1. Knowledgeable and clear about the subject236
2. Responsive to students’ needs and questions239
3. Encouraged discussion236
4. Prepared and organized for the workshop235
The physical environment…
5. Was conductive to learning227
The workshop materials…
6. Were thorough and appropriate to my needs227
7. The workshop has equipped me with enough insight/understanding/knowledge/skills/ confidence to apply what I have learnt on myself and others226
Investment of time, energy and funds
8. This workshop was a worthwhile investment239

What aspect of the workshop was most useful for you? 

Most participants’ answers related to “Practicing on myself and others”, “Discussions and teacher’s knowledge”, and “Gaining confidence and receiving support”.

A few commented on “Feeling more connected to mother earth and the universal life force”, “The attunement”, and “The space to learn and heal”. Students also appreciated learning in small groups, being heard, seen and given feedback.

Is there anything you feel needs improving?

Most participants left this blank, or said “No”, or “Everything was excellent/wonderful”. In particular, a student said “I feel that the class met all my expectations and I want to dive in deeper by doing the next level for more knowledge”.

Having said that, a student said “I would have liked to practice the teacher”, another student would have liked “More time to practice”, and a couple asked for “a more detailed written procedure with step by step pictures for healing others”.

What is the one thing you feel you can take away from this workshop?

Most students said “Confidence to practice on myself and others”, “Listening to the teacher’s examples and experience” and “The ability to access Reiki for the rest of my life”.

Several students also reported “Greater confidence in themselves”, “A new perspective of life” and “Sense of oneness”.

Overall view of the workshop and the Master/Teacher

Students’ answers…

“I was in the perfect place, at the perfect time, with the perfect teacher.”

“Amazing knowledge, insightful, comprehensive and genuinely well run.”

“Beautiful supportive environment for learning. All questions are welcome and I truly appreciate your sharing of examples from your past experience. Lots of guidance and love.”

“I could not have imagined being taught by anyone other than Carla. Her intelligence on so many subjects, ability to listen and ability to make everyone feel so important is beautiful. The workshop itinerary was fantastic.”

“I enjoyed every moment of the workshop. Carla always makes me feel comfortable and empowered.”

“Perfect, fun, interesting and loving, highly recommend it to others!”

“My experience would have not been as passionate and joyous without Carla’s guidance.”

“The workshop was life changing for me. Carla, you are an amazing and passionate teacher. Very good energy and beautiful environment!”

“Thank you for making a space of trust and support for learning. Thank you for the loving and compassionate energy, I felt safe to open up.”

“Carla you are a wonderful teacher. You radiate joy, positivity and kindness. You turned a confusing topic into a simple and beautiful art. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”


“Very good/Impressive/Fantastic/ Awesome!”

We felt very moved by the results. And we are keeping the feedback forms like a treasure as they are so valuable to us!

So, what do YOU think? We say look no further and join the next course.

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