Reiki and Sekhem Courses, What do YOU think? – Feedback from students (2021)

We really care about the quality of our Reiki and Sekhem courses and, therefore we consciously give our students the opportunity to tell us what they think. A big thank you to our students for your honest and insightful feedback.

After careful analysis, we have the pleasure of sharing our findings from the latest 40 feedback forms received.

We wonder how we have done lately in comparison to our last check in 2018. We choose to share with all of you again our truly remarkable results. It seems we have managed to keep it up!

The teacher was…240 being the highest
1. Knowledgeable and clear about the subject236
2. Responsive to students’ needs and questions239
3. Encouraged discussion236
4. Prepared and organized for the workshop235
The physical environment…
5. Was conductive to learning222
The workshop materials…
6. Were thorough and appropriate to my needs227
7. The workshop has equipped me with enough insight/understanding/knowledge/skills/ confidence to apply what I have learnt on myself and others229
Investment of time, energy and funds
8. This workshop was a worthwhile investment239

What aspect of the workshop was most useful for you?

“Practice“ and “learning how the energy works” were the sessions students found most useful. The “attunement” and “discussions” were also mentioned by a large number of students.

A few commented on “feeling the energy”, “ the teacher’s skills and experience”, “practice of advanced techniques” and “learning in a small and intimate group”.

Is there anything you feel needs improving?

Most participants left this blank, or said “Not really, all good”, or “It was a wonderful experience”.

Having said that, a student said “The course covers a lot of content and it feels a bit rushed”. Likewise another student would have liked” more time to go through the manual.”

What is the one thing you feel you can take away from this workshop?

Responses were very varied, from “Understanding that we are not healers” and “Trust in the universe” to “Confidence in my practice” and “Techniques that are very powerful”. One student in particular said “Everything: the knowledge, the practice and the feelings – all were good!”

Several students also reported “an increased sense of self-awareness and self-love.

Overall view of the workshop and the Master/Teacher

Students’ answers…

“Very knowledgeable, compassionate, very loving and gentle touch.”“Great, highly recommend to others.”
“Great environment for learning – small group was a big plus for me- and great balance between learning and practice.”“The workshop was absolutely fabulous. Carla is a phenomenal soul and a fabulous teacher.”
“This workshop helped me reconnect with the Reiki energy. The Master has a lot of knowledge and is very generous.”“I loved it and I’m so happy I could take the course. Carla is a natural at holding the space for people and make us feel welcomed and supported. I really aspire to become a teacher like you. Thank you”
“I enjoyed every moment of the workshop. Carla always makes me feel comfortable and empowered”.“Carla, you radiate love and light. I am so grateful the universe brought you to me”.
“Fun, informative and authentic.”

We felt very moved by our results.

So, what do YOU think? We say look no further and join the next course.

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