I recently attended Carla’s Tuesdays Energy Healing Group Session at Chiang Mai Holistic. It was a small group of participants in a comfortable room with a/c! We were encouraged to bring any personal gemstones, gemstone jewelry, and/or supplements for Carla to infuse with Reiki. I brought my supplements for sleep that I purchased here in Chiang Mai. I have been struggling to remain asleep at night for the past 3 weeks. It is a great opportunity to try Reiki with Carla in a group setting for a reasonable price. Carla has true heartfelt, genuine care for other people regardless of who you are or where you come from. I fell asleep during the healing session and felt very refreshed afterward. The healing energy your body receives last for many hours afterward. The night of the healing session, I slept so well and did not wake up early in the morning (2-3am) as I usually do. If you have never experienced Reiki or need some assistance relaxing after a stressful day, you should try the Tuesday Energy Healing Group with Carla. ~Sat Nam~

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