Energy Healing – A tool for Wellbeing with Carla del Castillo

Interview by MysticMag October 2022

Could you tell us a bit about your journey into energy healing and what inspired you to pursue this professionally?

I first came across energy healing in Brighton, UK in 2002 when I attended a Reiki share out of curiosity without prior knowledge of Reiki or knowing what to expect. I remember this woman laying her hands on my forehead for about 20 minutes and falling asleep. I remember walking home feeling very relaxed and thinking ‘is that it?’. I remember telling my friends that I had felt absolutely nothing and that I had paid for sleeping. Looking back, I had felt warmth and tingling but it was too subtle for me to pick up at that time or turn into words. Now I’m amazed at the ripple effect that session has had in my life. I’m so grateful for my journey, and I never ever worry when a client says they didn’t feel anything (laughing).

A few years later, I was living in Beijing, China. One day, browsing a magazine I remember seeing a Reiki level 1 course being advertised and for the life of me I felt absolutely compelled to take it. I picked up the phone and rang the centre right away. I couldn’t join that particular course, but two weeks later, I had the teacher at my house teaching me – this is where it all began.

Years filled with practice sessions, courses, new teachers and new energies. Eventually, clients and students came to find me. I mostly work from home but I have also worked at rehabilitation centres with addicts during the detoxification programme, which I very much enjoyed.

I never planned to do this professionally. It just happened for me. It feels to me as if it is part of a bigger design and it’s not entirely up to me. The energies I work with are powerful and wise and I will continue working with them for as long as they want me to. It’s a life or service, I will never retire from energy healing work. Seeing the effect that sessions have on people is what keeps me going. I’ve been meaning to write down a short story book compiling some of the most memorable encounters with clients through the years.

What services do you offer?

I offer a wide variety of services these days.  I do one to one energy healing sessions in person and online for clients all around the world.  I teach courses from Beginner to Master level for Reiki and Sekhem. Reiki courses are available in person and online. Sekhem requires studying in person. I just came back from a trip to Thailand, where I had a student flying from Macau to meet me there to learn Sekhem level 1.

I host group healing sessions, where participants receive energy as a group. These are good to give energy healing a try.

I also organise Reiki shares, where everyone can practice giving and receiving Reiki. These are good for those who are curious about how it works and for students of any level wanting to practice.

Recently I had a client contact me to ask if I could organise an event for her and her friends to celebrate her birthday in a spiritual way. I organised a two hour workshop around energy healing that included breathing, moving meditation, visualisation and more.

Do you have a personal favorite?

Not really, I enjoy all of them.  I just really enjoy energy healing in whatever shape or form. I enjoy being a channel, teaching the techniques and the contact with people. I’m very passionate about it.

If I had to say something I particularly enjoy it would be giving people the opportunity to ask questions before sessions and during courses.  I also enjoy feeling the energy flow during sessions and being guided by it. Each session is unique.

Does it take a lot out of you mentally to do what you do and how do you conserve and protect your own energy when consistently healing and helping others?

Ah, good questions! There is a lot that can be said here.  I practiced energy healing on a full-time bases for about 3 consecutive years at one point. I was doing an average of 20 private sessions per week and teaching two day workshops every 3 weeks. That required looking after my energy rigorously.

No matter the number of sessions I perform, I do my rituals before and after each session to honour my practice and make sure I’m a pure and clean Chanel. Each practitioner has their own. This is very important.

After a session, I’m able to get on with my day as normal but I never schedule anything immediately after.

There are a number of protection techniques that I use and teach like prayer, visualisation and the use of sacred symbols, to name a few examples.

Do you have any advice to share for someone to learn how to be more mindful and serene in their everyday life?

Yes, speaking from my own experience, meditation, breathing work and physical exercise are great for becoming more mindful and serene.  Having said that, practicing energy healing has also made me more mindful and serene.

I enjoy spending time in silence connecting to myself, reflecting and journaling weekly. This will take me a couple of hours give or take.

Where can we learn more about you or get in touch?

My website is You can also find me on EventbriteFacebook and Instagram.  Most people email me via my website or go to my Facebook to message me or even send me a text.  Pick whatever way works for you. I’m here!

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Carla is originally from Barcelona, Spain and has a passion for healthy lifestyles and wellbeing.

With more than 1,000 treatments and almost 100 courses under her belt, Carla is a solid Reiki, Sekhem and Siddha Kundalini teacher and practitioner.

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